Thursday, January 3, 2008

couple decent days

Today wasn't half bad. I got a run in just before noon on the treadmill of about 5 miles. I really wanted to stop before then, but stuck it out so I wouldn't have to run that extra mile in the dark tonight. Treadmill was sweaty and face-paced. Ipod didn't think so though I don't think. Then tonight I got out again for 8 miles doing 2 loops around the neighborhood. Legs were turning over really fast, probably from the repetition I was using on the treadmill. I wasn't very tired tonight and it actually seemed like the morning run made this one feel easier.

Yesterday was the virus. I had downloaded a program that turned out to have some crazy malware in it and it messed up a bunch of stuff. User login things kept popping up. Luckily I already had most of my data backed up and only needed to burn a few dvd's. After that I restarted everything from scratch. That's the thing about viruses and stuff, you can always just start from scratch, and they keep you in the habit of backing up your stuff. So the computer was down yesterday and I didn't get to blog or anything else. I got in a 9 mile run later in the evening. It wasn't a great run and felt nothing like today's. I was hungry and felt depleted. I was running fine, even with my windpants on, but I just wasn't all there. A few more days till the long run. We have Christmas again at April's grandparents this weekend, so hopefully I stay smart and run when I can.

thurs. AM 5 miles. treadmill. BF 99
........PM 8 miles. 32 degrees. GM 108
wed. 9 miles. 28 degrees 16 with wind. SM 411

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