Wednesday, January 23, 2008

who kicked me out the door?

Really debated running today. I read a quote online that was a pretty good description of my thought process. "Running asks you every day, am I going to be strong, or am I going to be a wimp." Today, and pretty much everyday I have chosen to be strong. But still I have to answer the question ALOT. More times that you would think. I find myself thinking "oh I can do it later", or "man I'm hungry", or "I could really just let the legs rest today" or my favorite "it's cold and the blankets would be nice and warm". But somehow I always muster the strength to get out there in the cold and go for it. It's almost like someone else takes over and says, see you later! and pushes me out the door. Today was definitely one of those days.

So the genius weather man (and weather reports) said 39-40 degrees when i headed out. I don't think so! It had to be just above freezing, and I would know since I run in this stuff everyday. It was probably due to the humidity from the rain, and there was a slight breeze. A pretty fast run today with the legs cooperating. Turns were a little funky with the ankle, but there wasn't pain like last time. Legs were not fresh. They are pretty fatigued actually, but all the same they aren't too bad. I think a few more days of running comfortably and they will be ready for a hill workout. I'm looking forward to that. I keep scouting out hills in the area and there are actually quite a few I look forward to tackling.

8(8.5)miles. 39? pff 33 degrees. GM 148


Ann said...

You are stronger than me. I face that every time my bed is warmer than the room. Mmm blankets. So I lay there and ask God to help me get up and then bam I'm awake and able to start the day.

Mike said...

Hey Ron - just checked out your blog. Looks like you're doing great, keep it up! BTW - I put up some info for you in regards to the Daniels stuff. (I think it's in the 'comments' section under that same post)

Ron said...

Ha ha, yes Ann, maybe it's divine intervention.

Thanks Mike! I'll be sure to check it out.