Thursday, January 17, 2008

making progress

Leg was a little better today. There was still some soreness and tightness in there, but after massaging it last night I think that helped the stiffness. I thought about how the leg felt and reconsidered the reason. I know think that it was from basketball, and all the jumping around off that leg probably overworked the muscles since they haven't been used for sooo long. Well it overworked the ones that haven't, and the ones I've been training simply couldn't handle the extra load of sprinting and jumping all of a sudden. Just another dumb oversight by me. But hey I do what I can and I have fun while I'm doing it.

The rest of this week will be spent recovering the leg, then I'll start all over again after the game on Sunday. Hopefully the second time around won't be so bad. TGIF tomorrow and hopefully an 8-10 mile at normal or slower pace.

6(6.5)miles. 35 degrees. SM 496

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