Friday, January 25, 2008

rest day?

It's been over two weeks without a rest day, but I think I want to end the streak. I may still get one mile in just so I can say I ran, but in all honesty I needed a break. There is really no reason other than I had a hard day/week/month. I've been running a whole lot and the miles are really putting fatigue in the legs. At this point though, it takes more discipline NOT to run. As that would just aggravate the muscles yelling at me for some relief. There has been this slight pain running inbetween my shin bone and my calf. I massage it a lot, but it still hasn't went away. I really noticed it last week. Hopefully a night off will help that out some in addition to the fatigue.

Today was special olympics day. We had ice skating. I was the only TA who went, so it was up to me to play teacher. Kim drove separate so I was in charge of everybody. Kind of weird, but it worked out fine. While I was there I was a timer. I was on the ice the entire time. It really took a lot out of me. Plus it was freezing outside which doubled the coldness of the ice rink. My legs were pretty numb when we finally got finished. Needless to say that trips like that really take a lot out of you if you are a teacher or in charge of things. It's worse than work because you can't sit down for a minute or really get a nice break in or anything. Anyway it was a lot of fun, and gave me a good excuse for a rest day.

ha. I just checked it was Jan.1st when I last took a zero.

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