Monday, January 14, 2008

good and bad

While getting into the bball league is fun, I'm not so sure I knew what I was getting into. It seems it's an every Sunday thing. That is fine, but it sort of interferes with running. The weekend is the ONLY time I have for a long run. I could run in the dark, but that is just not going to work well. My schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for running the way it is. Anyway I think I may have to miss a game or two, especially when it comes close to the half. I didn't sign a contract or anything, but it still feels bad because I don't like not meeting my obligations.

I could always run long after the game....bzzz. I am getting older, but not dumber. That would be a very ignorant thing to do. When it comes right down to it I'll have to choose between the two. And right now the gauge is leaning pretty darn far to the running side.

So that is that. A good run today, albeit a hard one due to the soreness. You would never imagine how sore a runner who puts in 40 miles a week is after 45 minutes of basketball. I was so sore I couldn't get myself out of bed without wimpering. That's what I get for not playing for 5 years. It's kind of a shame because I love basketball and have neglected it a loooong time. But I guess this league will at least keep me competitive. So yeah I was really sore today, but it was nice to feel sore somewhere in addition to the legs.

My core exercises are lackluster at best. I am going to go into overtime on them soon if I don't get in gear. Alright more fun tomorrow. Not sure about miles, the track meeting is afterschool. Like always I'll play it by ear and see what happens.

8(8.55)miles. 38 degrees chilly. SM 474


Ann said...

i love that you are playing basketball again! sorry you are sore.

Ron said...

Don't be sorry. Its great! It means I was working hard :)