Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good sign

Complete madness today. Roads were covered with black ice. School was delayed, but we ended up having inservice despite the 389 wrecks in our city. Got up made some pancakes, then took one of the best naps I could remember before heading in to school. Inservice was fine, really short because of the delay, plus we had to drive to another school for a meeting for TA's. When I got home I knew I couldn't run outside. A policeman broke his collarbone and did who knows what to his shoulder when he tripped on the ice. The hospital was backed up with "weather" related injuries. I didn't want to be one of those people. I am reminded of a quote. I think it was from Bill Bowerman, but I'm not sure. Anyway it was something like "there is never bad weather, only weak runners". I sincerely and humbly disagree with that opinion. There are times when it is okay, like in freezing cold or super heat, but not in ice, lightningstorms, hurricanes, tornado's, etc.

So I was back on the treadmill tonight. Thank the good lord it was just for 6 miles. Felt pretty good once I got going. I watched "searching for bobby fisher", well at least the beginning. I have seen it before and it is a great one. I like strategy, and its one of the best if not the greatest chess movie ever made, so I naturally enjoy it. The only bad part is blaring the sound. My treadmill is by no means loud, but once you get up to 7.5-8 miles the motor and the sound of feet landing pretty much take over.

A nice graph showing the last 2 weeks progression of long runs.

So that was that, I actually got the run in later. That is a good sign. It means despite changes that would normally hinder me from running, I still stayed consistent. I am very excited about that. I like when circumstances aren't in your favor, yet you persevere and follow through.

Much to my surprise I wasn't sore today. My body reacts so well to running that even a 20 miler doesn't have as much adverse effects as a game of basketball. I think that just shows what training can do. Amazing what bodies are capable of. I'm still taking it easy this week though and keeping the pace held back as much as I can. It's been pretty fast lately. Alright two hour delay tomorrow so already a short day, plus a short week! The weekend will be here in a flash.

6(6.55)miles. treadmill. GM

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