Sunday, January 27, 2008

a sort of win.

Well we won our game today. It doesn't really count to me since half our team wasn't there in the first place. I guess a lot of the guys who signed up could only make it some of the time. That's great and all, but I'd rather have guys that can set aside a single hour out of the day and play and have fellowship. Anyway I am happier. I made some key free throws at the end of the game that really put us over the edge. Shooting wise I was terrible, but has some buckets here and there.

Running was okay. It started off great, feeling really good with a warm up mile. Then around three the fatigue from the bball took over and the rest of the run was a struggle between stopping, and not wanting to stop. So I continued my run, skipping the HH once and then getting 2 more in later. That thing is still a beast even after all my running I'm still breathing hard going up.

Would have liked to start my climbing phase this week, but it just didn't work. I am extremely tired and probably need a break, but at the same time I don't want one.

9(10)miles. 42 degrees. GM 173


Ann said...

You gotta love the OH is flat. Good luck with the hills.

Ron said...

yeah Ohio is generally flat.The districts were at Ohio caverns and a huge steep hill at the end pretty much killed everybody. I was happy with that meet. I placed 9th, although I have no idea what time I ran.