Saturday, January 12, 2008

a few nice ones

I messed up this morning and put the wrong sensor on my ipod. The result was a 3 mile run that wasn't tracked. The awesome part of today was busting out sub-7 paces without really trying to. I watched the Gebrselassie videos last night and really payed attention to his form shown in the first video. I tried to mimmick it this morning and wound up with a 7:11 pace over 5 miles. That was AFTER the three mile run that didn't count.....

I took a nap this afternoon for some recovery. Today is the last day this week and I wanted to get as many miles in as possible. I wanted to do a double since earlier this week and really tried hard to get out again. So I got up way after the alarm clock went off and headed out around 5:15. I was finished by 6 and put in 6 miles. Again I was using the same methods as I've been working on, head looking out, getting a good push off, and keeping my arm swing low. Much to my surprise when I checked the run tonight it was faster than earlier this morning. Now in all honesty fastness isn't something I should care about, but I find it interesting what is capable when a few slight changes are made. I ended up with a 7:04 pace! That is crazy compared to what I normally run, and the awesome part is the effort was the same.

I think it just shows that my base is good and the work is really paying off for me. Climbing starts after this next week, but I may push it up and just start it this week. Well now that I think about it that is probably a bad idea. I still have one more goal to get, a 20 miler on Sunday. After that I will be holding steady on long runs and focusing on building strength over the next month and a half.

8(8.5)miles. AM 40 degrees- longsleeve/shorts. SM 454
6(6.5)miles. PM 50 degrees tshirt/shorts. SM 460

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