Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Morning run was cloudy, cool 60 degrees, and windy. The wind wasn't too bad, only around 13 mph. I was sweating pretty good so I had no problem with a little extra wind. The run went fine. I actually talked to a neighbor of mine who was interested in buying my car that's been sitting in the parking lot for this past year. I never drive it because April and I have other cars, so our "old" car just kind of sits there rotting away. The only problem with it is that we don't drive it, lol. So the battery has went dead all the numerous times we've replaced it with a new one. Well because of that the circuits have made the left and right blinker not work, so really that's the only problem with it. My dad gave me a part to fix that, but I never got around to it because....we never drive it, haha.

But the morning run did feel good. I really didn't want to get up this morning though. I was having my usual crazy dreams. In this one I was the leader of mankind against the machines in an apocalyptic world where it was mostly my responsibility to find out which humans were terminators and which weren't. It got pretty intense as my dreams normally do, and the entire dreamtime lasted years. There was one cool part where I had been living on a ship (space-vehicle) and actually had terminators I had reprogrammed living alongside me. The rest of humanity had left Earth, and this day they came back, but their ship was ridiculous. My ship was huge, but theirs was like a hundred times bigger. You ever seen those russian dolls where one goes into the next, and that one goes into a larger on and so on. Well my ship was the size of the ones from the movie independence day, and it was the "smallest" russian doll. Yeah. I think i survived the whole thing, but I'm not sure as I was drifting in and out of sleep during the end.

So anyway the whole point of that was just that it was hard to wake up, and in a few weeks I'll have to be racing at that time. I'm doing better though and have got my eight hours for a few nights. The other problem I have is that I don't run as early as I'd like because I'm so hungry when I get up. It's like as soon as I stand up out of bed my stomach goes crazy and I have to eat something. I guess I could eat and run, but I never feel good when I do that. The other option is just to get my butt in gear and go to sleep another hour earlier. So hopefully I'll get my routine going here and be awake and ready on the 29th.

9:45 am. home. 60degrees cloudy 13mph 63% humidity - (felt cool)
1:30:33, gf 546

Later run ended up being an 8 mile tempo. Felt great the whole way through.

4:47 pm. home. 55 degrees cloudy 12 mph wind 50% humidity (cool)
1:07:13, gf 554

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