Saturday, March 28, 2009


All the miles, all the hard work, tomorrow it will be put to the test! The ultimate 26.2 test of endurance and will. I'm somewhat nervous, but I don't have those butterflies in my stomach yet. It will hit me tomorrow though, the closer it gets to 7, the more butterflies will appear. I had a good time just relaxing around today. Tried to get in some miles, but it started raining. Had to go inside to the treadmill, where my ipod didn't record about a mile because it ended the run instead of resume. I figured someone was trying to tell me something and just called it a day on running. Went down to the expo and other than having to pay three dollars for public parking??(not sure how that happened) I had a pretty good time. I actually met one of the girls from my track team last year and we talked for a bit. She seemed to be doing really well and was helping with a cycling booth that I really wasn't all that interested in. It was good to see she remembered me and she really seemed liked she was staying fit and involved.

Got home and cooked on the grill. Food was delicious and now I'm about to watch my favorite movie Without Limits, well if April isn't watching tv. Otherwise I'll go to the runner rup "300", that one always gets me going too. The weather was odd today, lots of rain, but in the afternoon instead of storms it was bright and sunny, hopefully that will make the morning just a tad cooler, and from the weather channel it looks to be pretty much optimal conditions for this time of year other than the wind. I've got my race morning map planned out, and driving downtown today I found that the exit i normally take is now blocked off due to construction, but I was able to navigate better this time and found my way in no time.

So other than just checking my bag tonight, making sure I have everything ready to go, I think I am ready. I mean in my head I think I'm ready. Going to go over my split times a bit more as I don't quite have them in stone. 1:26-27 i think was 2:50 and 1:24-25 was 2:45 i believe (little test there). So after that I just need to get some rest and get ready to wake up early.

2pm. home. 65° Few Showers 73%H wind SE 12 mph
13:15(1.94), bf 1249

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