Thursday, March 19, 2009


Longer run today, went a few extra miles, while listening to the extra mile :) podcast. It was kind of a tough run. The weather was a little warmer and I didn't quite feel "it" today. Mostly I just focused on the next mile or loop. The run went by fast enough and before long I was heading down the final stretch.

My hams are still sore from Tuesday's workout, and the tibia acted up a little at the beginning of the run. The left quad was a little numb today, but I massaged it a lot last night and I think that helped to keep it from totally being painful. I hope that gets worked out before the marathon. I can handle the tibia- it's just a little soreness, but the quad thing would be a bad feeling to carry along for 26 miles.

Tomorrow April's grandpa is having a birthday get together at Red Lobster, I am excited about that. I can't remember the last time I ate there. April has been walking downtown with a friend, and she has been wanting me to go run there. She says it's hilly, so I just planned on making tomorrow a hill workout day and running there.

9:40am. home. 60 degrees, 8mph wind, 60% humidity (warm)
1:41:14, (15.00) gm 963

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