Thursday, March 5, 2009


RUNNING OCCURED TODAY! Isn't it amazing. The calf still isn't 100% but clllose enough for me. Gah, 3 weeks out from the marathon and I'm having all these days off. I would be sorry for not updating, but nobody reads this but me so it really doesn't matter. I'm mostly just talking to myself I guess. Anyway me, you had a rough week.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. My head hurt constantly. I literally had a headache since Sunday all through yesterday. I even almost passed out. My brain hadn't been getting it's fix of oxygen and my body really didn't react well to it. It was crazy to think how exercise is kind of like my addiction. If I don't get it my body goes into withdrawal. Crazy Week.

Good news is the calf isn't healed all the way, but it isn't sore to the touch, I can press on it pretty good before any pain, so that is good. Now it's time to just go slow and get back into a routine. The marathon will be here before I know it!

3pm. home. 60 degrees partly cloudy 15 mph wind.
1:22:05, gf 532

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