Friday, March 20, 2009


Dog attack. Okay not attack, but I was "injured" by the pug today. There is about a two inch scratch that broke the skin on my right hip from where it lunged at me from behind. I stopped my run (after running a few miles) about halfway through and cleaned it, then went to talk to the neighbor who owns the dog. She of course denied that the dog did it? WTH was I was seeing a ghost dog. The thing is, that dog is the only one loose in the whole neighborhood, and even worse was she had told me on another occasion that she didn't own that dog and it was her neighbors. Anyways it was a mini-fiasco and it put a damper on my motivation so I just decided to be done with running for the day.

The good part of the day was going to Red Lobster for April's Grandfathers birthday! Woot. I'm not sure if I've ever even had lobster, but I was excited to get to try it today. I had been waiting all week and at least that made me feel better about things. The scratch wasn't the big deal, it was the whole denial/calling me a liar thing that got to me.

Tomorrow is a morning run over the first half of the course. I guess the reason why they aren't doing the second half is because it is so windy, turny, and overall just not a great route to run to the traffic. On raceday everything will hopefully be marked well enough that I will not get lost on the second half as I will be running blind. Maybe tomorrow someone else will want to run a little bit of it, and if so I will definitely be doing that. I'm actually going to check out the forums tonight and see if there are any runners around my goal time and try to hook up with them. It will be a lot easier if I have a companion to carry me (and I them) along the course for 26.2 miles.

So kind of a bummer today not getting in all the hills I wanted, but whatever. Tomorrow should be good to run with some other people, which will actually be the first time in a long while. My scratch is kind of stingy, but hopefully it will heal up in a few days (if it's not infected).

home. 56 degrees wind 12mph 25% humidity
45:41, (6.86) gf 589

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