Monday, March 9, 2009


It was hot today. The run was hard and even by mile 2 I felt dehydrated. This weather is crazy, 30 degrees last week, and now it's 70-75 all of a sudden. What happened to the 50's and 60's !?!? Either way it's good training, so I'll take, it is just hard adjusting to it. I really had to push my way through this run, nothing came easily. By the last two miles my mouth was crusted and my lips were sticking together because I really needed some water, but I knew if I stopped it was over. I was determined to run the entire time and not stop early though. Finally after feeling not so good at the finishing pickup I was finished and cold water was sweet and delicious. It took a while for my lips to return to normal as they had caked layers of salt and dried saliva, gross! So enjoy that little detail my fellow runners or perhaps readers who just like to peruse my blog.

On secondary exercises I've been diligent with sittups, it's been about a week straight and I've done leglifts and planted sittups every night - a little later than I'd like it to be, but at least I'm getting it in. Last night I did wall sits which killed (and I was sore today by the way) and also some lunges so that was good too. Anything at this point additional I really feel is going to affect my performance at the marathon.

4:45pm. home. 70 degrees sunny with 4 mph wind 37% humidity.
1:30:07, gm 937

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