Monday, March 16, 2009


Still sore from yesterday's brutal run, so it was a nice easy recovery run today. Was hoping to go for twelve miles, but other than my muscles being sore the left achilles was a little tight and I didn't want to stress anything. Plus tomorrow I'd like to do a little speedwork (mile repeats) so today's run was just to keep from getting stale. I find that if I take the entire day off, the next day is pretty bad. So anyway it was good just to take it kind of easier and save it for tomorrow.

My training log is now updated, well at least past two months are. I have a lot of back-logging to catch up on, but I think the format is looking good. The bad part about Freewebs is that you cannot copy and paste tables, so for each table I have to rewrite EVERY single thing. I also have to resize the tables each time and mess with the font colors and what not. All that and I still have to enter all the data in which takes a while, especially if it's going to be accurate. Theres also no functions, like autosum or any kind of cell numbering (isn't that the point of tables?) So it's really no wonder I sort of let that go the wayside. But it's back now and I'll be better about keeping it updated. I tried out the forum feature - it's crappy I think I'll just delete it and keep the Log as simple as possible.

4:44pm. home. 58 degrees mostly sunny w/6mph winds 80% humidity. (cool)
1:02:38, (9.03) gf 584

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