Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thanks to all the fellow runners and friends who have congratulated me on my race. I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone! I took the day off today as my legs are still really sore. Quads are completely sore, all four parts and hams are too. Only my right calf was sore, so I think maybe one of my legs is longer than the other, or my stride needs a little perfecting because the soreness is definitely more geared toward that side.

I didn't walk or anything today as I was busy working on my website. I have it completely designed as I finally worked out some of the problems I was having with flash and the new Actionscript. So now all that is left is to check all the links. I also went downtown to pick up my award for the race and meet up with Regina who leads our marriage group study on Sunday's before church. She has been wanting me to do some murals and I had a book to return to her. Since our church is right by the Runner's Market, it was two birds with one stone.

I posted pics of the worn tread of my shoes on twitter today.
http://tinyurl.com/dgucpu http://tinyurl.com/cj5hkl The saucony's are literally falling apart. I mean that is normal for a shoe, but the way these are headed it seems a little too far along for what few miles are on them. Entire chunks of rubber are fraying and falling off, and I'm starting to think maybe my shoes were in a bad batch? If this is normal for a racer, then I don't think I'll be buying anymore. So if anyone out there knows if this normal, please drop a comment because I don't want to be criticizing for no good reason! edit: I actually researched a little and found at least two other reviews which said tread wear is quick on this model.

My legs feel a lot less sore today than yesterday, and tomorrow I'll be able to run a little. Not sure how far, but a slow hour sounds really sweet. Going to try to take it easier on my rest days. I always intend on it, but running fast feels so gooood :)

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