Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Easy run to feed the neighbors cat. They were out of town so we are taking care of Pheobe, who is a boy. They live up on the HH, so I started the run by trekking up there, then did another 2.5 loops around the hood. It was a great run despite some pretty bad soreness on my right ham, and moderate to light soreness in the quads and left ham. It was so nice out today, not windy at all and not too warm. I worked up a good sweat, but it wasn't stifling so I was a happy runner today. I even ran by the pug who just watched me today, which was nice. Maybe it's decided to turn over a new leaf.

Joined the RRT tonight and it was good. One of the participants reminded me of the 26 days of rest after a marathon, well not rest, but easy running. I think that's a good rule and I don't plan on doing any speedwork in that time frame, but do hills count?? Not sprinting hills, just workout kind of hills. I don't think they do. Either way I recover relatively quickly so I think in a few weeks I'll try to run some hills and see how it goes. That's what always works best, just going out there and feeling it out. Until then I'm continuing with my easy runs round seven minute pace. I did an hour today and it felt really short. I wish I could have been out there longer, but with the soreness and hammy there is no need to overdo anything. Probably will stay consistent with 8 milers until legs feels happy again.

5:30pm. home. 71º 30%H SE 5mph
1:06:52 (9.48), gm 971

Training Schedule for April

  • daily runs with heart monitor
  • core work and stretch daily
  • speed and hill work 2x a week
  • +accelerations
  • speedwork/long run alternate Sundays
  • m/w/f/s-easy
  • t/r/su - speedwork/hills/long+accels

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