Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A good run tonight. It was supposed to thunderstorm again, but never did. It was a bit cloudy though which was nice. It definitely made the run a little cooler. I tried to keep the HR down during the run today and it worked for the most part. I also tried to get up this morning to run and that totally didn't happen, I turned off both alarms. Should have went to sleep a little earlier, but I had to stretch and do my core routine before I went to sleep. So that's it for today, nothing major to report just a nice easy run, things felt good after the workout yesterday. It took a mile or two to get warmed up, but after that everything was running on all 4.

4:33pm. home. 78° 48% 12mph wind from ENE (warm)
1.04.10(9.42), bf 1335

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