Thursday, April 23, 2009


I probably should have just stayed home for the run today. I sort of forgot how hilly the soccer complex really was as I hadn't been there for a while, I suppose undulating is the best term. So this run was a little harder than I wanted it to be, but I guess getting the heart rate up a little higher ain't going to hurt anything. It went by slow at first, then a light rain came down for a few minutes, just a few sprinkles really and after that the run went by real fast and was over before I knew it. I did a few accelerations the last mile at about 80-85% and they felt okay, but as I said I was little tired from the hills and didn't really feel like pushing too hard the day before a race.

So in other news imagine you are running a race. You've been training for years just running on your own and just run for fun. It's a pretty big race and there are quite a few people in it. You run your heart out and see as you come to the finish that you not only ran a HUGE pr, but you
far exceeded your expectations. Then find out that not only did you run an incredible race, but you WON the race. Then imagine you didn't win because you started later than those who are slower than you.

Yup, this really happened. I apologize if it's old news, but I just came across the article today and thought I would include it in my post. I can't believe that an organization would do this simply because someone
underestimated themselves. I think it's a crock. The woman who "won" this race wasn't given her proper credit although she ran much faster than the "elites", bureaucracy at it's best. I mean if I was running a major marathon, or heck any race, and ran faster than someone else and wasn't given credit, that would piss me off. It's just not right and to do it to a woman at a race supporting the empowerment of women only race adds insult to injury.

In the defense of the race directors and such, I can see how they would make that mistake. The time honestly was not "elite", but it was faster than I've ever ran. They really should have brought in talent, or realized that there were going to be a lot of average women running when they realized no actual elites were in the race. I'm
not saying average is bad or they are horrible runners, I'm just saying that most of the "real" elites out there will be running at least 15-20 minutes faster than this winning time. But to go and punish someone for something that isn't their fault to begin with, just seems a little too stubborn. She should have been given first place, and whatever reward or recognition that came along with it.

link to the article

actually there is a follow up included in the article, it was in a weird place so I didn't see it right away. She ended up being rewarded in the end, but still to have this happen in the first place is kind of silly. I'm glad they did work it out after all (although it does say she was "a" winner, not "the" winner, lol)

6:00pm. soccer complex. 75º 39%H 9mph wind from SSE
1:15:05 (10.81), gf 668

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