Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hot today almost 80 degrees with 20 mph wind. Had to make a water stop around 40 minutes in as I was totally parched, fortunately decided to get back out there and at least get an hour in. I had kind of wanted to do a longer run today, but I was breathing hard due to the heat, not like really bad, but heavy enough. Tennessee weather is great, tomorrow a high of 42 degrees is going to feel like an arctic freeze. I'm not too worried about it, but it's just disappointing because you just start to get acclimated to this heat, then a three or four day cold streak comes along. I like running in the warm weather, but haven't really had a chance to be in it consistently. The past two summers I first lacked motivation then I was hurt the next year. I'm putting a lot of my hopes on this summer for improvement. Next fall I want to be in great shape and I really have to build off of my current training pyramid to make some big increases in my fitness. That is my main goal right now, training and racing through the summer, not a time goal or anything, just consistency.

Once again forgot my heart monitor, need to come up with some sort of punishment system for forgetfulness I suppose. I never remember having saltiness when I ran in HS, but then again I was running a little less miles in cooler weather. But down here in TN land it seems that salty skin just comes as part of the territory. I remember when I first saw the little white crystals flaking off, I thought I had some kind of skin problem. I was like "what in the world did I run through" or "how many fries did I have last night?". Now it's just a common thing that I don't really notice anymore.

Salty mustache
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Some pics from the marathon last weekend

Entering Neyland Stadium
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I almost fell over because my legs were so shaky.
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3:15pm. home. 79 degrees 34%H SSW 20mph

1:06:19 (9.69), gf 635

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Jocelyn said...

Nice job. It 80 degrees to the 40's? thats quiet the change! I've never had a "salty mustache" or even heard of it...maybe its a guy thing? Greta pictures too!