Friday, April 10, 2009


Thought I was going to have to resort to the treadmill this morning. There was huge thunder this morning that shook the entire house and woke me up. I was planning on running this morning before the storms came in, but they were already here and it was raining really good with some occasional lighting. Fortunately it cleared up around 10:30 and I quickly strapped on my heart rate monitor and shoes and got out the door.

The sun was bright and there really wasn't much wind to contend with, well at least for the first part of the run. The roads were nice and wet and all the kiddies were outside playing - must have been a day off of school for Easter weekend. One kid recognized my "run for the schools" shirt. I stopped and said hi and he asked if there were any more races. I directed him to the knoxville track club website and told him it listed all the races coming up, said have a good one, and off I went. Maybe he'll check it out, probably not, he looked like he was maybe a freshman or middle schooler. So the run went on and I noticed my HR was a little higher than normal, but just by a few beats. Who knows how accurate it is, but it's probably right. I didn't really feel like I was working too hard for an easy run, but I just couldn't get it down like yesterday. I'm not going to go theoretical, but it could have even been the humidity or even just running in the morning, no telling.

Either way the run was relaxed and felt good. My left calf is still pretty sore from the calf raises, and the left hip was the same as yesterday. If it doesn't improve I'll continue holding off on speedwork, even though I don't really want to. I also decided to skip the accels again because of it. My main goal is the 10k in May, so I've still got time to get in speedwork, no worries. The mile race I have coming up I just need to go into it without any pressure, so sub-5 isn't really the main goal anymore. Granted it would be great, and I hope I do get it, but I'm not putting any pressure on the race. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to run it hard, and maybe even whip out the scissors, but I'm not going to expect or worry about the time. It'll be a fun race, I just want to enjoy it.

10:41am. home. 63 degrees 74% H SSW 15mph
1:13:14 (10.96), bf 1285
AHR 164/ MHR 173


Jocelyn said...

Nice run. Maybe you inspired that kid to run, who knows!

Ron said...


saw him out running tonight :)