Friday, April 24, 2009


So for those of you who read this blog and follow me on twitter, this is for you! I'm going to draw a quick black and white caricature of whoever guesses (not finds) my finish time from last nights race. If there is a tie I will take whoever posted it first in an @ reply in twitter. Please don't leave your guess in the blog because I want to easily compare the times and posting here it could get confusing. So guess away. You've got till 12 noon Saturday April 24th, sorry if you are finding out about this later than that.

Oh if you would like me to draw someone else instead that is fine, either way please give me a GOOD quality photo to work with. I'm not sure exactly how far I will take the exaggeration, it depends on the face, muhahaha..err hehe.

So I will save the race report for tomorrow and not give any clues away. Good luck :)

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