Friday, April 17, 2009


A moderate effort easy run in the heat today. It was nice and sunny I got a good sweat worked up. Kinda difficult to run in the heat, but I like it better than the cold to be honest. I am much more motivated to get outside when the sun is shining and I don't have to layer on a ton of clothes. It just feels good to sweat I suppose. Kind of had to push myself through this one at times but it wasn't a hard effort by any means just focused on staying smooth and getting a good push-off.

Tomorrow I had planned to do a stair workout and as far as right now I think I'll still try it. It depends on what April wants to do. I like for her to go workout with me at different places, but it's hard to get on the same schedule. She went out and walked a loop around the neighborhood tonight and has been really trying to get out there when I go, so that is awesome. For now I'm just being positive and encouraging her to keep at it.

5:56pm. home. 75º 31%H wind from SSE 8mph (warm and sunny)
1:13:20 (10.97), bf 1294

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