Sunday, April 12, 2009


Nice n' easy run and ipod/HR data reflected it. About 15-20 seconds slower than yesterday, although effort wise it felt very close. Somehow the heart rate just stayed low today, where yesterday HR was 160 minimum, today was 149 at times. On the weather side it was warm, but the sun was blocked by clouds, and it was getting cooler as the run progressed. Also there wasn't much wind to contend with, but just enough to keep a nice cool breeze flowing. Needless to say it was just textbook feel-good easy run. Had fun at church this morning and at April's fam' just hanging out and doing the easter egg hunt deal. It was a good day.

8 pm. home.
65° F Cloudy 38%H wind from ENE 9 mph (cool)
1:14:04 (10.53), gf 654 +100m accel

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