Saturday, April 11, 2009


Perfect day for a run. Started off kinda cloudy, but cleared up wonderfully in the afternoon. Today the HR was lower on the run without trying to keep it low, just felt nice and easy out there running. It was a tad windy, but nothing compared to what we've been having. Beautiful sun and a cool breeze made this run just keep going. In fact my playlist ran out because i thought I would only be out for 1:12, but again I went an extra ten minutes, so that is great!

I'm feeling AMAZING right now. Legs feel better than ever and I think my new routine is just what I've been missing. I'm actually kind of regretting not starting it earlier. Tonight everything felt better soreness wise. The calves have a little bit left, but the hip was fine, so all systems were go for the accelerations I've been wanting to work in. I did them on the straight cul-de-sac by my house and it just felt wonderful to open it up. I have so been missing that. I let my HR return to 112 before starting another which basically mean't a walk back to the start line and just a few seconds standing. I did six and afterwards my legs just felt awesome. So in case you didn't know, everything is feeling amazing and awesome and good.

Really feeling confident about this mile race coming up, and I'm sort of so-so about the 10k. I know I will PR or whatever, but really it's more of a stepping block into the summer for me. I haven't raced or even trained during the summer so I know it will be different, but things are really looking good right now and I know that consistency and my new focus on speed are going to bring about some major advances in my running. After 3 years I finally feel in shape like I was in high school, haha, only took three years. I suppose that's not bad considering I was next to a couch potato for 8. Lots of training for the 10k - basically I'm thinking a mixture of hills and speed, but more of a focus on the speed.

here is some video I had April shoot of me running tonight. Constructive criticism appreciated :)

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6pm. home. sunny 61 degrees 50% H wind from NNE 11mph (warm/coolbreeze)
1:25:44(12.65), gf 645
sleep AHR57 MHR89

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