Tuesday, April 28, 2009


am run

glorious run this morning. April was supposed to get up and exercise. She has been asking me to workout with her and I've been trying to help, but she is easily bored. She has tried fitness centers, running (for a day or two), yoga, exercise balls, jazzercise, but she always ends up getting bored and quits after a month tops. The thing about it is even if I do happen to motivate her, I just have this feeling that she'll quit on me after a month or so. She does need foot surgery, and I've told her to get it, but she doesn't want to take time off of work or have to be on crutches. I'm kind of through trying to convince her what to do. Anyway sorry for the rant, she just slept in - I reset the alarm, but she still never got up.

So it was a very nice run. The weather was a very cool 60 degrees and it just felt like I could eat the air it was so thick. Great for running and felt great the whole way. It was nice getting to run in the morning. I don't know how I got up so fresh as I usually am dragging, but whatever the case it was nice. I got to watch the sun rise as I ran, the first forty minutes just before it poked over the hills it was just beautiful. I really need to make morning runs a part of my routine.

6:20am. home. 62° 75%H 5 mph wind from SSW
1:06(9.69), bf 1327
estimated AHR155/MHR165

pm workout:

So most of the reason for running in the morning was so I could do a harder workout tonight on the track. Since April missed the AM, I invited her to come with me to the track. She decided to go (with a little convincing her it wouldn't take that long for my workout) and so we went. I stared with a one mile warmup, then form drills and a little acceleration - I've pretty much got it down now without having to think if I missed something. So I start off and it's a little rough, but I enjoyed being able to breathe freely. I used a pace calculator from my recent mile to get the splits I should be running. For 1200 meters at V02 max, the pace was 4:17. My first 1200 was 4:16 and I didn't push hard at the end or anything so it was good.

I ran with my stopwatch so I knew the splits would be accurate. Recover time was supposed to be equal time minus 30 seconds. So I just rounded down to 3:30 to keep things even. I gave myself appropriate recovery with a bit of jogging and walking and then started the next one. Second time around I felt really smooth. The big thing for me on this workout was being at a pace where I had to breathe hard, but not too hard. So it was interested when I changed from short quick in-out breathing, to a slightly longer slow breathing method. Things changed radically and I wasn't feeling like I was doing anything. The second 1200 flew by in 4:10 - and I didn't even try harder, the effort was equal to me. I didn't push on the last lap or anything.

So that was quite interesting. I tried the method again for the third. This time it worked pretty well, but at times I would slip back into the old breathing and have to focus to go back to the longer breaths. The third lap on this I felt my legs getting heavy, and I did push just a little harder on that one which gave me a 4:04. I was surprised because that felt relatively easy, but the previous two had worn me out a bit and since April was just sitting alongside the track listening to her ipod I decided to call it a day. I did another mile at about a tempo pace and finished the workout. It was a really great workout. I could probably repeat it Thursday or even add some because I really didn't do a whole lot. I mean a little over two miles isn't gonna cut it for a good 10k, but as I said I can do another workout later so it's all good.

My ipod has been wiggin' out on me. It's about time for a new one. It was used before I got it and it's been 2 years, so it had a good run. I think I paid about $100 for it and that was when they were a bit more expensive. I might pick up another one on craigslist or something if it keeps freezing. I'll try resetting and see what happens first.

6:20pm. home.81º %? 5mph wind (warm)
3x1200 @4:16, 4:10, 4:04
27:31(4.54)fasttwitch 58
with breaks AHR144/MHR184


Sheila said...

You can't motivate someone else. Motivation only comes from within. When I started exercising, I was not as active as you are, I just went on walks. I would tell my husband I was going for a walk and ask him if he wanted to come with me. These were brisk walks. He usually wanted to come. It was our time to walk together and talk. I'm glad he came, but I didn't try to make him come. Just asked him if he wanted to. If he'd said no, I'd have gone without him. That was 3 years ago. We both run now. But I never tried to get him to do any of it. He did it himself.

Ron said...

thanks Sheila. I've been trying my best to be patient, but I'm just a motivated person and running is sort of "my" thing. Most of all I would just like her to understand why I'm so obsessed/crazy about it by experiencing it for herself. I'll continue asking her to join me :)

Sheila said...

Well, I hope it works out, but there's the possibility that it just won't be something she wants to do. My guy plays Dungeons and Dragons and other role playing games. When we were dating and the early days of our marriage, I did play a few times. But after a while I just had to tell him it wasn't my thing. He still does it, but now with a group of friends that doesn't include me. I appreciate what he's doing, but I just don't want to do it myself.