Thursday, April 30, 2009


A nice little hill workout this morning. Did 1 loop steady, then 5x HugeHill at a normal pace. Honestly normal pace was fine because there was a headwind and of course I was going against gravity, so these hills seemed a lot harder than they probably would have been. It was funny, there was a little boy who kept racing me when I ran by his house about halfway up. He did pretty good on my last trip down, and when I put out my hand for a high five, I said "good job" and he smiled real big and slapped my hand. It was fun.

The rest of the run was at moderate pace, Only about a mile and half left so I used it to do some accelerations with the wind, except the last one which was against it. Good workout I felt the hams a bit after the run, I also had to work a bit harder because of the wind, but it was no big deal. Just a moderate effort run, good medium-high quality strength workout.

11am. home. 69° 65%H 12 mph wind from SSW (mild + windy)
1:13:07(10.97)bf 1344 5xHH, 4x100m accels


reachdown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice job at the Knoxville marathon. That's an amazing debut! And you know that you'll crush your 10k PR on the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Nice blog. I'll be following along.

Ron said...

hey man, thanks so much for stopping by and dropping a kind line, I appreciate it :)

I really hope to get a nice PR at the 10k, but I'm not quite there yet - still have to put in the hard work!