Sunday, April 26, 2009


The run today was cut a bit short due to the heat. I had plenty of water, but still had to take a break at the Walgreens so I could continue running properly. My HR was up around 175, and when I went up the hills it got up to 180 and I was running as easy as I could other than jogging. After running in this I'm kind of glad the Knoxville Marathon weather was a little cooler. The run started off well enough, but right away I could tell the heat was making a big difference. I felt myself slowing around a half hour and by forty minutes I was really wanting to stop and take a breather. I had wanted to run for about an hour and half, but just based on how I was feeling I decided it was best to just turn around and head back to the park.

So I stopped for a few minutes in air-conditioned Walgreens, let my HR drop a bit, got a good drink of water and headed out. After this break I felt good again and it was no problem to run normally. It also helped that after a little incline there was a bit of downhill leading down to the park. I ran a few laps around the soccer field where there was a game going on. I like when there is something happening at the park, it gives me something to look at and makes the run a little less lonely. I decided to just run my normal 9 miles and call it because I had already started feeling the pace fall off a bit.

So I guess the lesson for today was that I may have to start taking breaks for these next few weeks, especially on longer runs. Or maybe I'll go back to split runs in the morning/afternoon again. The thing about running in the heat is that I really like it. It's harder to push and I really feel like I'm getting a good workout in. I mean if I can run well in the heat, then I know that at cooler temps I'm going to be just that much better. We'll see what happens in this next month. Last year the temps were in the 60's for the 10k, so I'm expecting the same (although thinking back I remember that felt really hot). We'll see what happens, it's just interesting to me how much weather can effect running. Actually I really think climate has a lot to do with the African success in running (that combined with altitude, running 12 miles a day to school, training attitude, and the fact that if they win they provide for their entire family for years, haha)

final note is that i kept my HR monitor going through my water/walk breaks, otherwise the average would have probably been much higher.

The CARICATURE CONTEST was won by @disneyrunner on twitter. Gordon has a podcast called "Run to Disney" where he talks about his running and well, all things Disney. He lives in Florida and is a good guy. I already sort of "owe" him an art video that I'm getting around to making, and now I'm going to draw a nice caricature for him. I'm actually excited to do the caricature, I love not having to worry about things and just have fun with my drawing. So congrats to Gordon, good guessing! He actually won by .4 seconds :) If you want to check his blog and podcast, I have a link to his site in the running blogs area.

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87°Sunny 27%H 10mph wind from S (Hot and stifling)
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