Saturday, April 4, 2009


I volunteered at the Race for the Schools this morning. It was fun to go to a race and just help out because there wasn't any pressure to have to run. I wish I could have run, my legs felt great today, but there was still a twinge in my right ham so I guess it was a good thing not to test it. Was a normal morning, a little chilly but not cold, and the sky was beautiful and clear not a cloud to be seen. A bus dropped me and the other volunteers who were assigned to the course off at different intersections. Because the course is USATF certified it is the same course almost every 5k race uses downtown, so I know it well. Eventually we dropped everyone off - I kind of wanted to do the water station, but they already enough people there when we dropped, so I ended up at about the 3 mile marker or so, just before the last stretch which is about a quarter mile downhill into World's Fair Park, where the Sunsphere is.

It was kind of boring at first, and for a while I was wondering if the race started at 9 am, because it was already 8:45, but soon enough I looked down the street and saw a few bobbing heads. What would you know, but none other than Andy Baksa and Stew Ellington (2nd in half last week, and 1st two years in a row in the Marathon, respectively) running with each other, Baksa only about 10 yards ahead. It was crazy to see them running that fast, they weren't sprinting or anything, but just looked really focused and smooth. I think their times were in the 15:20's range.

There were quite a few people running considering this was the first year of the race. I cheered them all on. Even the 70 year old guy, whom when I yelled at him "Great Stride" he replied "You're Lying!". There were a lot of people who called me a liar this morning. When I said it was "all downhill" I guess they figured that was impossible (or likely someone else told them that a mile back...) So I started telling runners, "all the other volunteers were lying when they said you were almost done, but I'm not!". I also challenged people to race each other, and sure enough a few of them just put down the hammer. It was a good time and at least I made a couple laugh.

So my running today was after a nap. I guess being out in the morning took a bit out of me and so I went ahead and had a sleep. I got up ready to hit the pavement and it was an amazing run. Nice and smooth, I felt fast. As I said the right ham had a little twinge, but nothing major. Also my left tendon, behind the knee is acting kind of funny. When i pull my foot up to my butt it kind of pulls, not sure what that is about, but it's not really supposed to do that I don't think. Just something to keep an eye on. So yeah, the run went great, especially once the sun started to set because it cooled way down. Did a little acceleration for 2 minutes at the end. I usually do a certain distance, but if I start using time instead I think that will help me more. I can build a kick instead of being 200 meters, it can be a gradual increase of pace for 2-3 minutes which will probably provide a better result.

Did some form drills afterwards, and as I said before beneath the left knee one of the tendons was kind of tight. Good run, legs are back under me and hope to do a medium long distance tomorrow - and hour and a half should be good. Oh the other thing I forgot about was to wear my heart monitor. I have one and always forget to use it, so i'm going to make sure to set that out so I don't keep forgetting.

6:40pm. home. 64º Sunny, 40%H, SSE 7mph
1:13:01, (10.76), gm 987

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