Thursday, April 16, 2009


Got some great work done today on the huge hill by my house. I didn't sprint or really even go fast, just really worked on push off and driving up it with high knees. I probably could have done more, but it was over ten minutes and I had done six back to backs with just the jog down for recovery so I figured that was good. I also knew I wanted to do a little tempo stuff at what I felt like was around or below a six minute pace. So basically the workout was 20 minutes steady, then 6 hills repeats for a little over 10, about 10-15 steady, then I did my tempo for another 10-11 and the rest of the run was basically just a cooldown at normal pace.

Today felt really great. The tibia pain I had in my right leg has shifted to the left. I would be worried, but it's barely noticeable and went away after I got warmed up. The right hip joint was a little achy after the workout as well. Not anything to complain about, as always more of just a note in case they do happen to turn into something later down the road, I'll know when it started. But as far as the workout went it felt good the entire time. I liked doing hills and then some speed as my usual runs are all just slow or relatively easy. The hills were awesome. I like recovering and going back at it again. My HR got way up there but only on the tempo, for the hills I noticed it only got up to around 175 or less, which was good. For the temp I tried to keep it above 170, although I was focused more on just running at a moderately hard pace (perceived sub 6:00 effort).

Quality work today, and it's really pushing me into a new mindset as far as "overdoing" it. I always take it easy on runs, it's time to start pushing more, even if just for ten minutes like today. I'm kind of torn as to what to do Saturday. I would ideally like to some kind of speedwork, but I also want to have enough left to do something Monday. Maybe I'll do a longer temp run, or possibly stairs. Actually now that I just wrote that I think stairs will be a good balance so I'll plan on doing that with some accelerations and of course my usually 4-5 miles of steady running. I find that if I don't get more than 6 miles in on workout days I just don't feel like I've ran. I guess that's a good thing. Anyway that's the plan for now.

After the workout we went downtown which was quite an adventure. We are just now getting back after eating dinner at 10pm (waited 1 hour in traffic), went to the meeting till 9:30 and then to eat at 10pm AH! and stopped by walmart after that, so just now getting home at 11:15. UGH I'm utterly exhausted....don't think a core workout is on the menu :(

4:45pm. home.
69°F 39% wind from NNE 7mph (warm with cool wind)
1:13:21(10.83), gm 996

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Jocelyn said...

nice work out! hill are never easy, I always dread getting to them on my runs!