Saturday, April 25, 2009


Easy run today. Found that my car had been towed from our community lot. It's actually my old car that I don't drive because the turn signals were broken. We hadn't renewed the plates on it because we never drove it, and apparently it is against the law? I dunno we couldn't drive it so I didn't see the point in paying something for nothing. The lot is for community parking which we are obviously a part of, because we live in the community. Also I should note we aren't allowed to park the car in our yard, or along the road as it will be towed, so it was the only place to park and actually was there for over a year and a half, why now? Anyway we are yet again contacting the homeowners association because not only does it have to be gotten out of the Lot, but towed back to the exact same place it came from, the community lot, because in addition to the turn signals the battery has gone dead from not driving it, and we couldn't drive it without new tags anyway. haha, didn't see that situation coming.

So that kind of abruptly ended my run, as I run right by that lot everyday and see my old car there everyday. But after a few phone calls I was right back out there running.

It was very WARM today, basically hot and windy. Kind of nice to have the wind, but it did make things go a lot slower than needed. So the effort was more medium than easy, but I kind of like that. I really need to start pushing things so it was good. Nice to have warmth again, I like running in the heat, I'm just not quite used to it yet. Hopefully this weather sticks around so I can do that.

The CONTEST I made is basically still going. I didn't find the results until I got home from the cookout I went to last night. So I couldn't announce a winner until I knew the results myself. Next time I'll have another contest with better rules and just have a link here to the blog with all the details. I'll also be sure to give a few more days before the race to entry, maybe like a week or something I dunno. I wanted to with this one, but I wasn't sure if people would be interested, then at the last minute just decided to go for it. So I think I know who won, but there is sort of a tie. I said closest, but if you play by "The Price is Right" rules, you can't go over. I never really liked that rule, so I'm going for closest above or below and will stick with that rule.

4:30pm. home. Sunny 85° 31%H 16mph wind from SSW (very warm)
42:24(6.2), gf 674

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