Sunday, April 19, 2009


Would have liked to run today, but there was lightning and what not. Wasn't feeling the treadmill either, so no excuses really, just a bit of laziness on another gloomy day. Hmm me lazy? Yeah it happens to everyone from time to time :)

On the good note BOSTON is tomorrow. I will be watching on universal sports. I wish it were on tv. Why don't they broadcast big races on the standard channels??? I mean wouldn't it draw more people to the sport? I guess it's being aired locally, but I mean come on, it's Boston. So that is kind of disappointing, but at least it's being aired online too. Hopefully they have their stuff together as last time I watched a marathon we were stuck with a single angle, no commentary, and very little if any actual racing. So if all goes well I'll be able to actually see this one :)

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