Saturday, April 18, 2009


Stair workout at the track. Two mile warmup, form drills, 2 sets of 3 stairs, one mile steady, repeat 2x. About the second set of stairs I really started getting the timing down and on the third set I was working pretty hard to get to the top. The stairs aren't quite as long as I would like because the bleachers are divided in half on top and bottom, but it's good for recovery and so you can do more reps. Once I got a rhythm down the workout really came together. Inbetween miles were around 6:30 or so from what I could tell just glancing at my ipod at the beginning of each mile. In addition to the sets there is also a cement stairway leading from the stands back down to the track which I also did reps on that as well. I alternated skipping steps and hitting every step on those. I liked skipping steps because you really had to be explosive, but it also wore me out pretty good too :)

Fun workout I really liked doing it this way. I regret not doing them earlier on. I had always planned to but just never made it happen. It's a good change up from hill repeats so I think mixing it into my schedule once a week or every other week would be good. April went with me, but her workout was done after 20 or 30 minutes. I felt bad she had to sit around, so i cut a mile or two off my post-workout run.

6:30pm. track. 72º 36%H wind from SSW 9mph (warm and sunny)
57:34 (8.76) bf 1301

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Jocelyn said...

You're drills are awesome. Stairs are so hardcore. You motivate me to do some drill instead of just running. Thats so awesome