Monday, March 23, 2009


Anticipation is very high.In 5 days and 9 hours I'll be racing my heart out. I've been thinking a lot about what kind of things I need to do. Stay focused, not go out to fast, get rest, taper well, wake up on race day, etc. There is a lot to think about I suppose. It's funny you train for months and months and then you don't really think about these things until the race is just around the corner. Well at least I'm preparing now and not the night before.

So things are going pretty good. The run today was out in the heat and I worked up a nice sweat. Nothing too fast or crazy, just a normal easy run. After I got back I walked with April for a few miles. I'm wanting to take a day off sometime this week, maybe Wed or Thurs. I'm not real sure yet. Most people might take the day before the marathon off, but as I've found through my training I tend to get stagnant right after a full rest day, so i'm wanting a buffer of a few days inbetween. My hammies need the rest though as they are still a bit tight. Some deep massage therapy would probably do the trick. Either way I'm just taking these next 5 days as easy as possible, and will probably do some striders tomorrow and Saturday night in my marathon gear just to keep the legs springy.

Things are going well, I'm just trying to get all my plans in order so I can be to the start line as ready as possible.

5:38 pm. home. 70 degrees ??wind/humidity. (warm)
1:01:33, (9.28) bf 1247

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