Friday, March 13, 2009


Amazing run today! I felt great the whole way, even at an increased pace. The calf issue hasn't effected my running at all this week. There's still some soreness in there if I press on it, but the key to that is...not pressing on it. Anyway this run was four loops around the hood, with three trips up the HH. So I felt really confident when I got back to the house and I ran about two minutes faster than I normally do that route without the hills! I'm not sure what got into me today? maybe it was the weather or maybe I'm just recovering some of that fitness from before my time off. Whatever it was it was great.

The one thing I did notice today was some soreness around my hip joints. I did the HH a few days ago as well during my run (forgot to mention) and I think running those downhills has put some additional stress on the hips. Still though it's not a big thing, just something to make a note of. After this run I'm feeling really confident. I might get up and run with the ktc guys at fleet feet, but it's 90% chance of rain (raining already) and I'm just not sure if it's gonna happen. We'll see. Next weekend is the chocolate factory run that is the first half of the course. I'll probably do that, but unfortunately it's probably on the first half of the course, so I might not. I haven't been on the ktc forums for a while, so I might hit them up with some questions about it. Sunday I might try a 17-20 miler and push the pace on it. I really want to know where I'm at and I think that will be a good indicator. I just don't want to push too hard, but get an idea of how far I can go before I really start breaking down. If today was any indicator, I should at least be able to make it to 20 before I have to struggle a whole lot....? So we'll see about that too.

3pm. home. 43 degrees 6 mph wind humidity 76% (chilly)
1:28:52, bf 1239

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