Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What a nice day to run. 8 this morning, 10 in the afternoon with 60 degree weather and not too much wind. Really died on the morning run at the soccer complex, but the later run at home was a hundred times better. The morning was a mixture between dying on the hills breathing wise and just tiredness in my calves/ankles. For some reason after having run that the later run just went smooth. I felt strong and felt a nice high knee action which really pulled me through the run. It's a lot easier to run smoothly now that the weather is nice. No sweatpants or pounds of clothing dragging me down. Overall it just felt more similar to my stride at the track, so I know it has to be a good thing. So hopefully the calf issue will go away soon and things will be looking even better.

am. soccer complex
1:04:11, gf 464

4:30pm. home. 62 degrees 8mph.
1:20:11, bf 1144

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