Saturday, February 21, 2009


So I didn't quite make my quota this week, but still managed over 150 miles, so that is great! I feel really good other than the calf issue is still there. If that would just go away it would be nice. I think a lot of it has to do with running my neighborhood, the 35-40 180 degree turns made for a 12 mile run are just to much stress on the ankles/calves. Either way I'm running through it and hoping for the best. The marathon is looming closer everyday. I feel like I'm almost ready, especially after this week. I'm really encouraged by how many miles I was able to put in. It was tough, but I got it done.

Today I tried at the soccer complex, but totally died. I finished the run at home where there no really steep hills, and the 16 mph winds were mostly blocked by the houses. Didn't really make 26 for today, but 18 isn't slacking and I'm just happy this week is in the bag.

My shoe sensor is almost dead. I got a warning on my ipod saying low battery. April never uses hers so I have a spare - I'm just wondering how much more I can get out of it. I have 2950 miles and 14.5 days worth of running, so I'm pretty happy with this sensors life. My last sensor died at 1000 miles. The thing about the low battery is that the ipod will basically go ballistic and either stop recording altogether, or totally go insane and make up some crazy statistic. I'm not looking forward to going for a long run and finding half my run didn't even get recorded. The thing is I don't wear my headphones anymore (no music until after marathon) so I wouldn't even know if it said something I was supposed to hear, like "RUN STOpped" I wouldn't have a clue. So I might try to get to 3000, just for a nice even number, then retire the sensor.

1:30pm. soccercomplex/home. 50 degrees 16/12mph wind.
2:02:21, bf 1,216

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