Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Funny day. Dreary thunderstorms all morning, then bright sunshine later on. First run on the treadmill, second in the nice, but windy weather. The only bad part about the day was my ipod didn't record 3 miles, which is why I added the 20 minutes on to my late run. So really I did a ton of running today. I didn't really want to make up the three miles, but I couldn't let one little mishap hold me back, so i did the extra loop, even though I was dead exhausted.

The funny thing is if I wouldn't have done that I would have missed seeing the arrest. Yup I saw the guy get drove into the ground and handcuffed in my own neighborhood. It was this kid who dresses like a...well like a gansta with the hoody and baggy pants (even today with 58 degree weather) He's always smoking and never talks to me so I just either give a slight wave or ignore him for the most part. Just no the friendly neighborhood type I suppose. Anyway I think he's in jail now. There was a buddy with him who had a gun pointed in his face, but I'm not sure if they wanted him or not. I saw this as I just happened to be running by, so I didn't really want to get mistaken for someone trying to run away and get shot myself, so I didn't really focus on them too much. Crazy. When I went back to finish up my half-loop there were tons of cars parked everywhere and the cops were still there. I'm guessing it was drug-related, but who knows. Maybe it'll be on the news tonight.

10:48 am. treadmill.

1:33:21, gf 500

4:32 pm. 58 degrees partly cloudy w/15mph wind
1:27:38+20:00, bf 1190

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