Monday, February 9, 2009


Could it get any more gorgeous? I dont' think so. 66 and sunny with a pretty good breeze made this run a breeze. The only bad part was that I had to end it earlier than I wanted. The calf issue was back again and for the last three miles or so I was unwillingly starting to realize I wouldn't be able to go for my 2 hours or so - which is about 15-16 miles. So I did four loops and called it a day. It was nice to be able to breathe! I didn't realize how much the cold weather restricts it. In fact the other day I noticed that when I was breathing deep it was almost hard because the air was so much easier to take in. I kept coughing throughout the run because I was over-oxegenating (is that even a word?).

So needless to say I'm enjoying this weather and really feeling good. I'm about to ice the calf and baby it for a few more days, but still I'm ready to get things into gear. April had a good time at the track yesterday and she wants to help me more often. I'm glad I was good yesterday and didn't criticize her or do anything stupid. She had fun, so did I and now I can enjoy one of my favorite things with her instead of leaving her behind at home. On the art front things are going really well. I'm a half-second away from getting my new website design finished (just have to figure out the details for a flash animation) and then I can get business cards and other things rolling. I hate not having it done because you can't just be like Oh go to my website and then there's nothing there. Either way it'll at least be online by Friday night, whether or not things are working, it'll be up. That's it for today, hoping for an equal to or greater than tomorrow.

3:30pm. home. 66 degrees 10mph wind.

1:21:11, gm 869

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