Monday, February 16, 2009


Today started my road to a huge week. Thirteen miles (ipod) in the morning and then another thirteen later in the afternoon. I plan to run this amount everyday through Saturday, pushing my mileage well over 150 miles. I am doing this to build stamina and hopefully trash my legs. After I take some recovery I should bounce from this week either 10x stronger or totally dead. It's a pre-marathon challenge. If I can do this everyday for a week, psychologically a single marathon being well rested should be a cake walk.

So that was my big secret. I really needed something to push me as I just haven't been motivated lately. The calf is still a bit sore, but it's coming along and doesn't hurt once I've warmed up with a few miles. The morning run was really tough. I was still sore from yesterdays long run, especially in my hip joints, but that wasn't really the problem. It was the same old thing that normally happens there - just a lack of breath. I couldn't get good air and around 3 laps I had to take a breather. Part of the problem as usual there was that it was sunny and the running pants and hat and double gloves was just too much and I started getting overheated quick and just had to stop and shed. I really overestimated the 30 degrees as normally it's not that sunny. After a quick break I was feeling a lot lighter in just shorts. I didn't feel great, but the legs were turning over easier. I did just have a long run the day before, so of course feeling great isn't too realistic. On my last lap a guy called me a show off as I ran by - I didn't even have enough breath to make a comeback, I just sort of smiled and then puffed out my last half mile.

The later run went by great. People everywhere were talking to me. "How far?" and my favorite was "You're dedicated!" to which I replied, Well I've got a marathon coming up. Then the woman said, I'm just amazed by your dedication, and I just said thank you as I rounded the corner. I saw another runner and I said "Almost there" he said I"m still goin' baby! haha. Then a little girl said to me towards the end of the run "Do you ever get tired of running" and to that I said "I used to!" lol hopefully she'll think about that one. Finally I was almost finished with the run and yet another person said "Man how many miles is that, Must be at least 10 since I saw you last" and I said "coming up on 12, just one more mile to go."

The thing about people talking to you is that is makes the run go by so much better. I had a smile on my face, and I really didn't struggle that much at all, even though I was pretty tired. It just feels good to know people take the time out of their day just to say a few words, and it really encouraged me throughout the run. So day #2 in the books. Do it all again tomorrow. I am planning on running maybe at the park instead of the complex. It's less hilly and the grass will be a nice break from the pavement.

10:21am. soccer complex. 29-40 degrees sunny w/6mph wind.
1:29:20, gm 903

4:47pm. home. 44 degrees
partly cloudy w/6mph wind.
1:30:24, bf 1166

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