Thursday, February 26, 2009


Getting back. Well I hoped the days off would heal the calf, but it doesn't look like much has changed. It's still sore, so no improvement at all really. Oh well. I guess it's time to move on. The legs were like bricks or logs or some kind of heavy weight that I was dragging around for the first 40 minutes. Every part of them was dead, right down to the ankles which felt like they a pound of rust preventing them from operating smoothly. After two loops around the hood (40 minutes) the legs started coming around, but I wasn't pushing things. I took it real nice and easy.

The calf issue is disappointing. I had hoped that the days off would have helped, and I'm kind of mad now that it didn't. I don't mean to harp about it, but with the marathon so close, I'd really like to have a relatively clean bill of health a month out. Anyway the good news was that I got a full four and half loops in, so that's awesome. The pace was easier and with the weather being in the low 60's it was a pleasant run. More importantly I'm dedicating March to early morning runs, so I really have to crack down on sleep and being prepared for the mornings. Well I'm gonna end this here. Should be back on track. The four days is unfortunate, but it still may have given me some recovery elsewhere that was needed, so it is what it is and I'll try not mentioning it anymore.

almost forgot:
2:15pm. home. 62 degrees partly cloudy w/10mph wind.
1:31:12, bf 1227

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