Thursday, February 12, 2009


Awesome run today. Went to the park and ran in the soccer fields. That made the calf feel alot better and I think the day off yesterday helped a bit too. At the beginning of the run things weren't smooth as is the norm after a day off, but after about half an hour I was starting to feel good.

HOW do I describe this day? Gorgeous, amazing, pleasant, relaxing, just-right, heavenly. Today was a beautiful day and it was so great for a run. It was low 60's upper 50's with a little bit of wind, but nothing compared to the 32 mph yesterday or even the usual 10mph I normally deal with. Nope nothing to complain about today. The ground was a little squishy in parts from all the rain we got, but it was nice to have soft ground to land on. I think it helped me not worry so much about my calf. Either way I could breathe like crazy and I really didn't want to stop this run. Toward the end it got a little harder, but I was running sprints up and down the soccer field for the last loop, so you can't do that forever. Anyway it was just one of those amazing runs where things are working really well and everything is in sync. Hams were a little tight, but nothing major. GREAT RUN!

4:30pm. ball camp park soccer loop. partly cloudy 59 degrees light wind.
1:45:22, gf 477

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