Sunday, February 1, 2009


A nice long run today in the beautiful weather. It was warm outside with the sun shining and the whole run just felt good. I always feel depressed because of the weather, especially for a long run. Knowing that you have to be outside in the cold for three hours getting whipped around by the wind takes a lot of the "fun" out of running. Today it was the opposite. I was happy to be running and it felt nice to be in shorts and a tshirt and still working up a sweat. My calf was hurting for the first hour of the run with each step. I could feel pain, but it wasn't enough to stop. After an hour or so the pain went away and it was just tight.

My lungs felt great on this one and I didn't really feel like I got that much of workout, but my legs were trashed. The hills just zapped them dry and I had nothing left toward the end of the run. My left ham started getting tight again- always seems to happen on the hills, and mostly my hamstrings were just aching and needing a break. This was a shorter long run just over 2 hours. I felt like my upper body could have went forever, but the legs had had enough and I was really happy when I got back to the park so I could end the run. The good news today is that the calf felt better and really wasn't sore for the last half of the run. I was kind of worried about maybe having to walk back, but things worked out fine and I'll be able to keep up my daily training.

1:48pm. ball camp to walmart +greenway. 56 degrees 9mph wind.
2:08:09, gf 445

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