Saturday, January 31, 2009


I started this run at the soccer complex. It was tough out there today and the hills were handing it to me. I barely made it through 15 miles and really couldn't go any farther. I was breathing heavy on the hills, and the legs weren't too happy on them either. Going downhill wasn't bad, but the uphills were killer. So I finished out the run on the treadmill. Ever so slightly my right calf continued to cramp and feel sore, until finally I could take it no longer and had to end the run early. I'm not sure if it a fuel issue contributed to it or not. As I had posted days ago my soleus (connected to the achilles) had been sore and swelled up. For what reason I do not know, but it hadn't hindered my running so I thought it was okay to run. Well that didn't hold true today, and instead of just the outside of the soleus, it was my whole lower achilles that was cramping and sore. I felt it getting worse and worse, but then finally I just said this isn't worth it and stopped running. I was 2 miles shy of my goal for the day.

So I iced it and it feels a lot better. I'm not sure how it happened as I said before - I took two days off and after that is when it started to Not real sure. Maybe I overstretched it, or possibly I could have been overcompensating for when I pulled that ligament in my left thigh? Either way it was not a good sign today. I dont' want to take days off, but if I have to I will. Tomorrow is supposed to be a long run. I pretty much did one today, but I didn't reach my goal so I will try again tomorrow and see how the achilles reacts. If it starts cramping or being overly sore like today where the pain is too much I'll just stop early I guess. It sucks, but I guess it's better to rest and recover than dig the hole deeper. I did have a good run today despite the injury, so at least that was a positive.

12pm. soccer complex/tread. 39 degrees 7mph wind
2:40:37, gm 859 /bf 1113

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