Thursday, January 22, 2009


I did five easy miles this morning, just to wake up a bit. I was hoping it wouldn't affect the workout later and I don't think it did. Still, I had a tough day. Running-wise I was ready to go and everything felt as good as can be expected when moving at mile pace. The problem was with my stomach. It wasn't feeling good and furthered my exhaustion while running. I also was in a battle of the stopwatch, where I thought I had pushed the button, but actually had pressed it, but it never started... The little things like that you normally don't care about seem a lot more important when you're dying for air and your legs are crying out for no more abuse. My third mile was the last straw. On the last lap (after 3 agonizing ones) my stomach just hit the ground and I about doubled over. I pushed through and finished, but had no motivation to do any more sprinting - at least not at the track. The soccer kids were back and they were doing their little workouts so I didn't want to keep running through them anyways. I did another mile or two at my usual pace and went home.

But I still felt like I could run. So I decided I would finish out the day at home and did about a half hour of running. This time I actually got a few pace increases in here and there, and slowed back down when things felt like they were getting out of hand. If you are a runner then you know this kind of running is called fartlek, yes that's right. It's german, so blame them if you're offended. That worked really well and although I wasn't going as fast as my track speed, I was going fast enough to breathe pretty hard. So the day was certainly not a total loss, I'll just have to plan my lunch better next time. I had a porkchop with some scalloped potatoes and peas. I think the porkchop did me in. I actually second guessed the decision and almost went for something else, but then I figured it wouldn't matter and went ahead. Guess I should listen to my instincts better.

Lastly I wore my fasttwitch on the pavement - not so great. It FELT great, but it tore the crap out of the tread, so I think I'll keep them on the track until race day. Another day in the books.

8:25 am. tread
, gf 367

3:12 pm. track. 40 degrees sunny with 8 mph wind. (shorts+t-shirt)
miles @ 5:43, 5:45?, 5:45? w/recovery + fartlek
1:29.01, fasttwitch 19

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