Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i thought it was odd to see a bright sunny spot just outside ... on TwitPic

Morning run went okay. It was raining at the beginning, but let up pretty soon after I got into the run. The worst part about the run was the wind, well that and the pugs chasing me. Fortunately they stick to one road, but I had to run by them a second time, and nearly tripped over one of them. They like to nip at me, and bark in their high-tone annoying barks that they have. They are annoying, but I guess it breaks up the run a bit and is something rather than nothing. So that run went fine and felt okay considering I hadn't run for three days straight - been a while since that's happened. The picture above was taken a while after my run. A good sign that it might clear up, but it was still a little weird with the dark blue clouds hovering above.

9:30am. home. 45 degrees 12 mph wind from W.
1:13:17, bf 990

Later I decided I would do hills. I really didn't want to go this week without doing some and it had cleared up outside so I figured I would just get them done. Before I ran though, i listened to the live podcast at
therunnersroundtable which is a group of runners who get together over the internet and chat about running. It was a good show about Resolutions and I tried to participate a bit in the chat screen, but I didn't really have a lot to say I guess. So it was after 5 by the time that was over and as I was gearing up I kind of spur of the moment decided to do hills. That's kind of backwards since I already ran today, but I didn't really care.

The hills went by okay. They were tougher than I thought. The wind picked up even more since this morning, and as usual, it was blowing right against me uphill. Still, I managed to get 8 or 9 hills in. I'm not sure exactly because I sort of lost count at 5. I didn't time any of them. I looked down at the beginning at one of them, but forgot to check it by the time I reached the top of the HH. I did notice that the HH was very UN-intimidating. I mean it's big, but nowhere near the BEAST. So I kind of laughed the first time I went up, then I was huffing and puffing by the second. Soon enough I was completely dead at the top and called it a day on the windhills. I ran a loop around the neighborhood with some sprints at the end and called it a day. It was a really good workout, but not too hard. I'll probably be hitting that hill a few more times before the marathon.

5:10 pm. home. 32 degrees 18 mph wind from W.
1:04:27, bf 998

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