Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Morning run on the treadmill. It was raining all last night and this morning. Supposed to dry up later.

1:15:15, gf 403
75:35 10.19

Late run consisted of four loops around the neighborhood, the same as yesterday. Felt really good on both of them, nice even pace and didn't have to work my legs too hard. I might do speedwork tomorrow, but I might wait till Friday. I guess it just depends on how I feel in the morning. I would really like to do a focused session I thought of the other day - this time taking plenty of rest inbetween reps. I want to do five miles, and I dont' really care how it happens. So I'm thinking 4 mile repeats, then two 800's if I'm totally trashed. Judging from my last two sessions that will probably be the case. Then I will do some cooldown miles, maybe 3-5. Then I will be able to to do a later run of 8-9 miles at home. It all depends on the weather in the morning though. If I end up on the treadmill I'll skip speed for Friday.

5:02pm. home. 32 degrees with some wind.
1:20:22, gf 413

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