Friday, January 2, 2009


Didn't sleep well at all last night. Also I've been extremely hungry. I need to go to the grocery and get some better food I think because what we have here just isn't cutting it. Most of it probably has to do with not being able to sleep at night too. I get up late and then my whole schedule is messed up. Maybe tomorrow will be better but I doubt it. We are going to my aunt's tonight to play games and hang out, then I think we are going to my sister's tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a normal day Sunday, but we are driving back that day so that pretty much rules out a long run. Kind of a crazy schedule, but the good thing is I'm still motivated to train. It's not the motivation, just the circumstances, so I know I'll be back up on the miles soon enough. I was also thinking that as long as I get my quality days in, long runs/hills/speed I should be alright since I've been really good with my base training. Sorry for the lame update, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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