Sunday, January 11, 2009


Long Run down middlebrook on my usual route, well almost. I did take a little detour on up to walmart. I normally just run close to it, but I needed some water about halfway through my run at 1 hr 25 minutes or so. I felt kind of funny, especially considering that it was snowing at the time and I was wearing shorts. I actually despise running pants. I've never tried tights or anything like that. Honestly 35 degrees isn't THAT cold is it? I mean for a runner it isn't. I was actually sweating a lot today and the sun wasn't even out. It was just overcast with drizzle and snow the whole time. I didn't really mind the snow. It was actually kind of fun to run in it. So yeah I think people kind of gave me "the look", but I was all about business, got my drink and got out of there.

Okay so for lunch I had half a bagel with a good layer of honey and peanut butter. I had a late breakfast of cereal so I figured that would chip into the equation. Well it didn't. I actually went a little too fast starting out and I think I burned even more energy than normal....not good. I had a cliff block just before I took my water, and I thought that would get me through the rest of the run.... So here I am closing in on the two hour mark and my stomach is growling. Not good. So I hold off on another cliff block (I usually eat 0 or maybe 1 on a run) to see if my hunger will go away. It doesn't, and even though I don't want to eat another - you know the whole tough guy routine - I can't wait and take another one. I also had only gotten those few sips of water from walmart where I normally take gatorade. I think you see where this is going. So I am starting to get light headed and take another block with about a half hour left in my 2 hr 40 minute run I decide it's time to take one just so I can get through it. You're supposed to take it with water, but I had none and my legs were actually getting that quivering feeling when you are running on empty.

That block did me for another 15 minutes, but I was pretty much on the verge of the wall. I had a huge hill to go up - the one by weigels that always seems to take a hundred years to traverse and I still wasn't feeling very strong. Actually I was just trying to keep forward motion at this point. Then the legs starting hurting, feet, knees, calves, and hams. I only had twenty minutes left though so I just tried to focus on that short amount of time. My legs were burning now and I was really struggling along, still maintaining, but I was really looking to the end of this run. If I had my cellphone I probably would have called April to come pick me up - that thought crossed my mind. Then something kind of clicked and I started feeling better. My legs were still hurting, but I think it was knowing I could see the last hill up ahead that I had left to run that gave me some hope.

So I paused and waited for traffic so I could cross the street by walgreens (this is the only road I actually have to wait for traffic at) and only had to wait a few seconds before it was clear. I finally made it up the last hill and dyingly coasted down the other side back toward the park. I didn't quite calculate this course so I actually went over my 2 hr 40 minutes I had planned and ended up around 2 50. The reason I went a little longer on the course is because it has been raining, so I knew I couldn't run at the park in the mud. I would rather end the run early on the road and walk back to the park than have to turn around and start the course again at the park. So it actually worked out pretty good and I got an extra mile and half in because of it, so it was definitely a good thing. I was dead tired at the end of this thing and just wanted to get home. My knees were hurting and my calves and hams were aching. It felt good to get some gatorade in me and some food when i got home.

So a tough long run, but also a good one. I need to work on fueling and possibly drive up along the course and stash a gatorade somewhere, then drive back to the park. I've also considered a fuel belt, but I really don't like having anything of significant weight on me as I run. Maybe I'll have to just deal with it though, because I totally bonked today and I know it was mostly from lack of liquids.

I'm exhausted, but I'm glad to have that run out of the way. This weeks starts my speed training. I will be going up through mid-march, then tapering, so two months of speed oughta get me in gear I hope. Blog ya later friends.

2:10 pm. middlebrook. 35 degrees, some flurries and rain.
2:52:12, bf 1044

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