Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One good, one bad run. First on treadmill went by fast with no music at all - funny that that is now a challenge. Second run was much harder and I felt like I was dying the first half hour. Breathing was hard as I said, maybe it was from the cold? Then I got a second wind and things went smoothly. I'm not sure if it was lack of energy or food, water, or just too much running. It must not have been too much running because once I started feeling good everything came together and I finished pretty strong.

the sun was out I was a little on the warm side, but that's what you trade off for when the wind is colder. It wasn't too bad, I probably should have dropped the running pants though and just went for shorts. Pants always seem to make me work twice as hard. My right ankle was a little tender yesterday, but nothing today so that is great. That's pretty much it for today - Speed work tomorrow. I'm not sure exactly what that will consist of other than the 5 miles, but I hope to get in some other good running as well. I'll have to check the weather and see what's going on.

8:30 am. tread
1:07:29, gf 362
4pm. home. 30 degrees sunny.
1:07:05, bf 1095

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